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You see a thistle, but I see an old man grey - William Blake

Tomasu Sawabe is an artist from an aristocratic samurai background, who flees to Paris at the rise of militarism in Japan.

On the death of his father he is forced to return and is caught up in the fervour of a general mobilization and has no other choice but to join up as an officer in the Third Imperial Infantry Regiment. Together with his friend Akihiro Katsuzo, a poet, he takes part in the invasion of Shanghai (1937).

Although, Sawabe is not a pacifist, he hates violence and is appalled at the brutality of his fellow country men. He is torn between his desire to pursue art and his loyalty to the Emperor and his family traditions.

Unknown to Sawabe, Tien Loi, a street kid, will play a significant role in Sawabe's destiny. Tien Loi together with his sister, Lanshin are members of a street gang that spies for the Chinese Resistance.

Meeting a mysterious Taoist priest, Tien Loi seeks to find if the ancient gods will help drive out the enemy. His ambition is to join the Resistance as a fighter.

His desire is fulfilled but it leaves him exposed to danger from Japanese patrols, Chinese traffickers and 'mysterious' occult forces.

His sister, Lanshin abandons her street life and takes shelter in the Russian mission where she comes under the spiritual protection of an enigmatic bishop, who Katsuzo jokingly refers to as the spiritual 'shogun' of Shanghai.

Sawabe and Katzuso are deeply affected by the Russian 'shogun'.

In the midst of the carnage and destruction of the city, Sawabe and Katsuzo find fulfilment in helping the street kids.

Despite the crushing defeat of the Chinese army and the capture of Shanghai by the invading forces, Tien Loi, Lanshin and friends find a glimpse of hope from an unexpected source.

Katzuso sacrifices his life for Tien Loi and Sawabe is seriously injured by the boy in a bomb attack. Tien Loi sustains a serious wound to his left foot in this incident, while unknown to him, Sawabe loses his left foot.

Tien Loi abandons the resistance and is reconciled with his sister, Lanshin, and stays on at the mission. Sawabe is hospitalized and returns to Japan where he is decorated for bravery.

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"Wow! "What an exciting book!"

- Brian Tracy, speaker and author of Success is a Journey

"Your books are awsome."

- Peter Sorrells, Best Selling Author.

   It starts off with a bang, grabbing you from the first page and then racing along, full of thrills, leaving the reader exhausted and illuminated."
~Brian Tracy, Author, Success is a Journey

Are you looking for Teen fiction, Teen books that are character building and challenging?

Rev Serafim Gascoigne, priest, pastor, speaker, writer and storyteller

Your teens don't have to read stories about zombies, vampires or any other kind of erotic twilight role models. Are you looking for young adult literature that is family-friendly?

As a parent and grandparent I like to read what our youngest is reading. It is good to share and discuss stories. Often we engage in weird conversations based on what we are reading. Terry Pratchett comes to mind. Personally I am not a fan but I do find his books humorous. Even if I don’t care for a particular book, I like to know what Junior is reading so that I can engage with his interests at home and with our children at Church -Kids like to swap books or follow a particular author.

There are many excellent books and some pretty questionable ones from a family perspective. Often parents ask me what should their children be reading. I am in no way, an official censor, but I can recommend what I find edifying and important to developing a sound and wholesome upbringing -and what is good writing from my point of view as an author.

Reading and enjoying fantasy literature while avoiding the dark side

The fantasy market gets bigger every year. Online gaming is a billion dollar industry. Fantasy books are selling by the millions, appearing regularly on the New York Times bestseller list.

In the world of fantasy the reader or the player of fantasy games becomes a mini-god, all-powerful, a hero or heroine without the need to do anything real in their lives. No effort required. No moral obligations or restrictions – do what you like. You too can become a god without leaving the house!

Fantasy is important, especially in early childhood. It enables the young child to cope with stress and the pressure of life, especially if the child lives in a dysfunctional home.

However like any good thing, too much fantasy can be detrimental and in some cases psychologically and spiritually harmful leading to FANTASY ADDICTION.

What can you do as a parent or concerned grandparent, uncle or aunt?

You can try and ban certain books, but that most likely will lead to subversive reading.

As a parent and author I look for books that offer a wholesome story, excitement and basic moral values. They do not have to be overtly Christian, in fact there are some pretty awful books written, no doubt by sincere people, but are very boring, full of pious statements and a sprinkling of Bible verses.

I began my career as a novelist in order to find a good story to read myself and at the same time to convey (behind the scenes) a Christian point of view.

THE LANDING PLACE - A Supernatural Adventure for Young Adults

ROMAN CARNIVAL - An Historical Fantasy for Pre-teens

Gascoigne uses accurate historical data and weaves it into such a suspenseful tale that even someone who would confess no love of the past would be hard pressed not to keep turning the pages. Underlying the drama is of course a wonderful story of true friendship and a lesson in morality, virtues and courage.

I especially loved that for the hero there were very few moments of clearly seeing what had to be done. There were many moments of not being clear on what was being asked of him. But the test was not if there was clarity of vision for the young boy, but if there was a willingness of heart to do what was right. - Sally Franz, Best Selling Author of Scrambled Leggs.

Spend quality time with your cyber-savvy teen!

Living in today's digital society poses new challenges for Christians at work, at home and in leisure activities. The seeds of secularism are everywhere, pervading all aspects of life, not simply in the field of pop-culture. In a society dominated by secular thought, we need to be the leaven in the Gospel.

As Christians we should not reject the world but rather transform it by transforming our own lives and the lives of our families.

Young people today are digital. They belong to a generation that thinks differently.

For them, technology is like the air they breathe. It is a fact of life. Engaging with your teen will equip you to engage with the future.

However, you do not have to be a geek parent to get involved and enjoy the amazing world of cyberspace with your teen.

Teen Time puts you and your family at the head of exciting game changing ideas such as social media, cloud-based information and gaming. Teen Time helps to create a family computer culture using social networking, exploring the newest trends in information technology - and best of all, making the fun of gaming a valuable learning tool for your teen’s future.

As you travel through cyberspace, you will learn how to innovate and develop critical skills and creativity. You will learn how to avoid cyber hazards such as fantasy addiction and cyber predators through helping your teen to make informed choices.

Teen Time offers tips and advice that can be applied to almost any family situation, such as family dynamics and family bonding.

Teen Time offers parents proven practical solutions that really work. The digital generation gap will be a thing of the past as your whole family takes control of the cyberworld around them.

TEEN TIME - Spending Quality Time with your Cyber-savvy Teen!

TEEN TIME paper back, ISBN: 978-0-9717212-5-8
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